“One way, or another, I’m gonna find you, I’m gonna get ya get ya get ya”

I love thieves. They make my day.

I’m talking about “fruit boy”. “Fruit boy” started off about a month ago (at least for me).  He came in my line one day, and “didn’t have enough money for fruit” so he asked me if I had cash. I said no (which is true, I almost never carry money on me, just debit cards.) and then he asked the lady behind him. She seemed uncomfortable about it, so she quickly said no, and ignored him. So he kept bugging her, saying things like “what’s the matter? you can’t help me?” to which I was ready to kick him out of my line and take the damn nectarine. She ended up paying for it, and he left with the fruit. I then saw him talking to John Gerris (former NBA player), and leave. I apologized to the lady for the awkward moment, and I flagged John down to my register. I told him what happened, and the woman said she would take care of it anyways and I told John to watch him next time.

So the next night, I was working again, and “fruit boy” comes back. He goes straight to the service desk, and tells Shannon that he left a pear last night. That’s a lie. First of all, you “bought” a nectarine that you didn’t pay for, and then you have the nerve to come back in to say you “forgot” a pear? Get the hell out.

So then I figured his little scam, and I paid attention to his MO. He’s extremely skinny, about 5’6, freckles, reddish hair, brown eyes, always wears a baseball cap, baggy jeans and a button down shirt. Until recently, now he switches up his shirts to regular or polo shirts. But I recognize him right away. And he’s under 21, that I know because I see enough of his license sometimes to see the “under 21” bright yellow mark. Oh, and he always steals a piece of fruit.

So a week goes by, and fruit boy is back. So he tries to tell me he paid for the peach, (which I know he didn’t) but Brownie let me give it to him for free since Brownie didn’t know his scam. To which me and a few other people explained to Brownie what’s going on with that kid. So he was like “okay next time we get him.”

So then later on, he goes through self scan another day. So I see him, and warn the rest of the cashiers and the people at self scan. We had 3 people at self scan guarding as he entered one of the self scans. We didn’t see him take anything, but that doesn’t mean anything. I know we had to take some stuff from him that he “didn’t want”, and we removed it from his sight so he wouldn’t try to take it.

So weeks go by, and I heard from another cashier that “fruit boy” came in and tried to steal a trial size shaving cream in front of Norine, who’s our newest manager. Brownie said she dealt with him.

So everyone knows who “fruit boy” is.

Then he came in two nights ago. I guess he tried to get to the service desk about the fruit, but Tony (manager) denied him and told him he needs to pay for it at a register. I watched him go through Stephanie’s line, and he walked out pay for the fruit. I was excited.

So then “fruit boy” comes in last night. He bought four things, and I was waiting for him to hold the fruit back from me, claiming he paid for it, in which I think at this point I would strangle him and probably throw him out myself. He actually paid for it, and I did everything I could to bite my tongue. When he came up to me, I was tempted to say “so, are we paying for the fruit today or are we going to steal again like we have been for about a month or so now”, or say some off color comment to him. But he paid, I wished him a good day, even though I rather grab him by the ear and throw him out.

Tyler came up to me later, and asked me if we had to let him go again with free fruit. I said “no, he actually paid today”, in which we gave each other a high five and laughed.

So, “fruit boy”, if you read this, I hope you stop stealing. And, if you think you can get away with it, I am watching you. If I so even see a hint of you stealing, I will pick you up, and carry you outside for an old fashioned beating. And believe me, when I am done, you won’t be able to use those “grabby” fingers for a while. And if I get suspended for a day, I don’t care.  I’m not allowing you to steal; to raise the prices of food for us poor people who work our asses off to make a damn dime. Get a job, somewhere, anywhere, if you are desperate for money. Oh and I also won’t let you steal so that my pay gets cut and Stop and Shop can claim some bullshit that they don’t make enough money to give us a decent raise. Stop and Shop makes enough damn excuses to cut hours and not give us raises, don’t give them more reasons.


3 responses to ““One way, or another, I’m gonna find you, I’m gonna get ya get ya get ya”

  1. LOL “fruit boy.”
    We had a guy like that before…he was a sketchy old man who would come in like an hour before closing, grab a banana or a pear, and eat it in the restroom. Then he would leave just like that, unnoticed b/c he never went to a register or bought anything.
    He would also read newspapers and magazines in the book aisle. Like wtf? This isn’t barnes & noble!

  2. Why do people steal something less then $5?

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